Our Ministries

Music and Media
The Praise Team and the CDM Choir are just two of the components of the Christian Arts Ministry. Skits, poetry, and instrumental worship round out the worship experience. Share your talents and gifts as the Lord has given them to you for His glory.

Praise and Worship Team

Christian Education
Christian Education is serious business at CDM. The Sunday school has classes for people of all ages, and our church-wide Bible study is in-depth and invigorating. If you are seeking and desire to grow in discipleship and your faith walk, join any of the Christian Education classes and you will be blessed.

Sunday School  .....   Sundays, 9:30 am

Joshua Nation Students Ministry
The Joshua Nation Students Ministry has real answers for today’s challenges. Bible study, youth night out, and a great since of family can be experienced through Joshua Nation. Come and be a part of the work that is impacting lives and the community.

Men's Ministry
The Return of the Kings Men’s Ministry provides much needed support to Christian men. The Ministry offers crucial fellowship and guidance that fosters spiritual maturity. Quarterly initiatives and other activities are hosted to provide a venue for open dialogue and sound Christian principles.

Women's Ministry
The Naomi Women’s Ministry offers nurturing and support for Christian women within the Body of Christ. Naomi is a safe haven to grow and share in the Christian experience. The walking and healthy living club is just one of the avenues that women have to fellowship and grow together.